Disaster Management


Chamba district is one of the twelve administrative districts of Himachal Pradesh. The Chamba district is bounded on North-West by Jammu and Kashmir, on the North-East and East by Ladakh area of Jammu and Kashmir state and Lahaul and Bara-Bangal area of Himachal Pradesh, on the South-East and South by the District Kangra of Himachal Pradesh and Gurdaspur District of Punjab. The district is Situated between North latitude and East longitude. The North Eastern side of the district is surrounded by high altitude Himalayas with deep narrow valleys lying between ranges of varying elevations. The biggest river of the district is Ravi flowing from South-East to North-West entering the J&K. The district has experienced floods from the Ravi river in the past. The area of the district is 6,528 sq. km with Chamba as its Headquarters.
The basic objective of the Disaster Management is to respond promptly in a coordinated manner in a disaster like situation, it is mandatory to mitigate the potential impact of disasters in order to save lives of people and property.

SACHET, pan-India based mobile application implemented by NDMA(National Disaster Management Authority), and is part of CAP(Common Alerting Protocol) project implemented in India. The application acts as alert dissemination media for the common people before, during & after any disaster. It disseminates area-specific alerts to Indian Citizens from various Alert generating agencies and all 36 states/UTs Disaster Management Authorities.
The app provides simple interface to view disaster early warnings and alerts across the entire country. It will notify the different disaster alerts to Indian citizens and provide disaster alert specific Do’s and Don’ts with read-out loud feature to cater to especially abled.

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