Chamba Slippers

Published on: 25/02/2022

Chamba Slippers are handcrafted leather made slippers that  come in natural leather as well as other colors. Chamba chappals are a tradition that dates back to the times of King Sahil Verman. When he got married to the princess of Noorpur, the chappel makers or cobblers came along with tailors and makeup artists as dowry […]

Chamba Rumaal

Chamba Handkerchief

Published on: 27/07/2019

Chamba handkerchief is an embroidered handicraft that was once promoted under the patronage of the former rulers of Chamba kingdom. It is a common item of gift during marriages with detailed patterns in bright and pleasing colour schemes. Click here for Chamba Rumal GI Information . For more information Click here