Gandasru Mahadev, Churah Valley (Chamba)

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Located in the north of Upper Churah, there is a unique place in the skyscraper chain of Nosradhar, a wonderful place for Rudra Lord, Gandasru Mahadev. It is about 3,470 meters (11,380 ft) in height. This area is spread over an area of about 2km. There is a green grass field on both sides of the lake and on the north side, the pavement of different types of pavements is laid as if the tile is laid.

There are a few small khilas on the other side of Dal Lake. It is also more surprising to walk on those rows, as if walking on a soft mattress. There are many types of miracles present in this area, according to the direct-sighting. There is another dal approximately 1½km which is absolutely black and is very scary. It is called Mahakali Dal. The mountains of the northeast of Dal are exactly like Shivlinga. In the north-west of this dal, there are two mountain squares which are connected with each other, known as ‘sin-virtue’.

The festival of Gandasru Mahadev is also accompanied by Manimahesh Dal Nahon. This is the only lake in all the Dal Lake of Chamba district whose dal yatra is done by orbiting it. On this trip, some devotees have arranged for locals in place of Devikothi, and in the same way, the Gandasru Mahadev Anchor Committee has arranged an anchor on behalf of Teesa in Parikrama and this year also the 31 / Anchor is being organized from 08/2018 to 03/09/2018 This information committee members Kamal Sharma Pankaj Mahajan Manoj Thakur Pardeep Rana Sanjeev Thakur Ajay Balkishan Bablu and Bhupendra gave the information.

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  • Gandasaru Lake
  • Tourist at Gandasaru Dal
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How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest air port is at Pathankot, 120 Km from Chamba. Other reachable air ports are Kangra(136 km), Amritsar (243 km) and Chandigrah(347 km).

By Train

The nearest railway station is at Pathonkot,120 Km from Chamba. Regular trains to Pathankot from New Delhi.

By Road

The Himachal Road Transport Corporation runs long distance services throughout the state from their main stands at Shimla, Solan, Kangra, Dharmsala and Pathnakot and from locations in the adjoining states of Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh(UT). Private buses, serving everywhere else, frequent and provide a relaxed mode of commuting. After reaching Chamba, its takes nearly 100 Kms upto Bairagarh (Churah) and 16 Kms upto Devikothi. From this point forward there is on-feet journey.